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Welcome guest! I am Saravana Raja and. If still, you have come to this page and spend your valuable time to know about me . I was a average student in my school and college.Not all the last bench students will be Knowledge-less. These where the universal truths. But, what about the middle bench students? They will be the guys who had stuff to come forward but never reached their goal in time, still they will never go back and stop their struggle. I’m one among the middle bench student during the school days and College Days(studying). I never missed to compete with the top orders, even though I was thrown away from the game in the end. My spirit toward success gained good name among the teachers in the end and paid me back stuff to struggle hard in my life, which is what we should gain from my school life rather than marks and medals. A confused career finder: When it comes to wearing the right size of socks, I was a bad example again. That was also a famous year for recession, especially in the software industry. I was roaming around the Sankari Town and worked whatever job I got. I never got a grip on my career until I decided “Web Design” will be the right choice for me. Then I practiced myself and became a “Web Designer” in the year 2013. More about me: I love MS Dhoni I like to spend my time with my friends.



I Can Create you a Responsive Website with HTML And PHP Using CMS(Content Management System) like WordPress,Drupal.


I Can Provide You Hosting @ Affordable Rate for Your Small Scale Business.


I Can Create You E-Commerce Websites Responsive Along With Payment Gateway Integration.


Static Website


  • Including Hosting Charges Per Year
  • Simple HTML Website
  • Single/5 Page Website
  • Mobile Responsive

Dynamic Website


  • Including Hosting Charges Per Year
  • MySql Databases
  • Maintainence
  • Mobile Responsive

E-Commerce Website


  • Including Hosting Charges Per Year
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Maintainence
  • Mobile Responsive

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Your opinions are important to me. Whether it is a simple question or a valuable suggestion, I are here Here to Help You. You can email me directly.



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